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Gordon to be released
If he can be had for the right price do you take a chance? 

He's had a ton of chances and still can't be trusted. Talented but really now a bad influence in a locker room, would never fit into the Viking's culture. Pretty crazy but Minnesota really does have a culture now under Zimmer.

He's top 3 or 2 talent wise...was he given the best chance to flourish by the Browns organization? Hell to the no. I'd take a shot. I


I think I'd at least have Zimm and RS talk with him...We're not exactly looking "3 deep". 

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStvaSTcmvXiW2QUfmdiYC...UwbYnHAiBQ]


Gordon with his head on, plus Diggs and Theilan would rival Three Deep...

He's a druggy.....don't like drug users.

Quote: @"Mighty mouse" said:
He's a druggy.....don't like drug users.
It’s more of an alcohol problem but either way, he cannot stay sober.  So much talent wasted.

Josh Gordon - WR - BrownsThe Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns had concerns Josh Gordon was "struggling with his sobriety or on the verge of relapsing."
Gordon "wasn't himself" after showing up late to the Browns' facility with a hamstring setback. PFT's Mike Florio adds Gordon was "habitually tardy," and Saturday's incident led Cleveland to finally move on. Off-field rumors are nothing new for Gordon, but this is a potential dent to his trade value given his Stage 3 status. The Browns will release Gordon if they don't trade him before next week.Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Josh Gordon - WR - BrownsESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Browns are "more likely to trade" Josh Gordon than release him.
The Browns plan to release Gordon Monday but have already had some calls from teams. Gordon's departure is trust-related after he re-injured his hamstring at a promotional shoot, but there's rumblings he was struggling with his sobriety. It's hard to see the Browns getting more than a conditional pick for Gordon with his off-field history. Gordon is a vested veteran, so he won't be subject to waivers if he's cut. The Cowboys, Patriots, Bengals, Seattle and Buffalo —who traded for Corey Coleman this preseason— are potential Gordon landing spots.Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

The last 2 drafts our first round picks- Dalvin Cook and Mike Hughes- have both had some off the field run-ins. Nothing crazy but still, it's there. I trust our coaches 100% and both guys seem to be great people and players, so I'm very happy they are Vikings. I only mention them to point out that it does seem we are pushing the envelope slightly farther than we were before and more willing to "take a chance" on guys if the talent is there. I like that.

That said, I personally am not ready to push the envelope so far as to bring in a guy like Gordon at this time. He's on a much different level than Hughes and Cook. I don't think the headache is worth the reward at this time. I doubt Rick and Zimmer have much interest.

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