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Replacing Jackson
(07-11-2024, 08:03 AM)MaroonBells Wrote: Agree, but for me it's not about window as much as it's about the lack of draft capital and the importance of keeping what we have.

Never know, Darnold could have a breakout season and this team could find itself in the hunt. At that point, we might regret not filling the CB hole with something more than a training camp release. And a player like that will have spent his entire summer learning a different defense. I think we need someone before training camp. 

While I don't think we'll be sending day-two draft picks for a top corner, I could see the team try to trade some ill-fitting pieces like Cine or Booth for a player who better fits with Flores.

Yah, ideally b4 training camp. But that clock is ticking; rooks report in just 10 days (week from Sunday).

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