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How was your Fourth?
Couple of days late, but it was a full weekend.
Granddaughters (ages 3 and almost 5) came to town. My daughter lives in Indianapolis, 3 hours away. So my wife met her half way and brought them home with her. My daughter and son in law came in Friday night.
So we spent the 4th with friends at their pool, and cooked out, then watched the fireworks downtown with our granddaughters.
Friday was a chill day, but Saturday we went to my Niece’s annual 4th of July party (they have it on the closest Saturday to the 4th every year) and they had a big fireworks display. Then tonight (Sunday) we went to my wife’s brother’s church and they put on a rather large fireworks display. My brother in law, along with being a pastor is also. licensed fireworks guy.
Just got home about n hour ago and put the girls to bed. My son in law left tonight because he has to work tomorrow and my daughter is going home tomorrow.
I happen to be on my long weekend (7 days off, we work the DuPont schedule) so it worked out nicely. The only thing that didn’t happen that I wished did was my oldest son and his wife were busy all weekend and didn’t come to any of our events.

I am a blessed man!
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