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Default Subscription Method
In your User Control Panel if you click "Edit Options" you will see an option for Default Subscription Method. Upon forum installation it had everyone set to receive an email notification anytime a thread they started or a thread that they posted in was replied to. I hate that. So I went in and fixed it. 

For everyone that didn't already go in and fix their "Default Thread Subscription Method" in their User Control Panel, I updated theirs to be "No Notification". This way they can still view the threads that they participated in but do not get an Email or a Private Message. 

Just so you know the options are as follows:

Do Not Subscribe. I believe this means you will not get any notification (PM or Email) and you do not see threads that you participated in lists
No Notiication. I believe this allows you to see threads and posts you have participated in and you do not receive notifiaction (Email or PM)
Instant Email. I believe you see a list of posts and threads you have participated in and also get an email sent to you.
Instant PM Notification. This I believe just sends you a PM and you can view a list of posts and threads you've participated in.

Aside from this setting, in each post or thread you start you can go in and set your subscription method FOR THAT THRED. And you can also go in and remove your subscriptions as well.

For now nobody should be getting emails, and I have updated the registration form to defailt to the No Notification option as well.
Is this thing on?

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