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Record predictions
Anyone have their prediction for the season yet?

I am thinking 9 wins

10 wins.

No injuries, no Zimmer, easier schedule, Packers losing half their roster, Bears doing nothing to improve theirs, while the Vikings add Hunter, Z, Cine, Booth....right now I'll say 12.

But a lot can change between now and September...

8 or 9 wins. Growing pains with a new coach and scheme only makes sense to me. But not all 8/9 win seasons are equal.

I think as fans we’ll get to see young guys making plays, a coach who the players love, and some fresh play design. So by the end of the year I think we’ll all feel much better about the state of the team than we did after 2021. 

 I like the offensive skill players a lot
I think the OL should improve - at least some
Will KOC influence on Cousin elevate his game significantly? Or has he already reached his ceiling? 

I like the front 7 of the D
If DH + Z can stay healthy? That's a huge deal for the entire team
The back 4 is a work in progress

The coaching? Who knows but I hope for less predictability & better situational football 

Feels like 9 is the floor and 12 the ceiling for wins
Anything 10+ and KOC should feel damn good

I'm going to jump out there and say 10 wins...


8w 9l

10 wins

I'll take 10 please.

8-9 most likely. Hey, its what the WIlfs expect.

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