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Update your email
If you did not get this email from me today (4/6/24),  please let me know and I will get you an email address to send me your current contact information and I will get you added to the list .

Jimmy here, 
If you are getting this email,  you have logged into Vikefans in the last 30 days or so.
As you may or may not be aware the Vikefans site is having some major issues,  Mike is working on restoring what was lost, but long story short is the platform we are using is very vulnerable, and a new site is going to be the only solution that will fix our issues.  However this will take some time for Mike to identify a new location but also build the site with the customization that we have become familiar with. I am sure there will be some changes,  but its going to necessary to restore stability to our community.
The most recent site interruption appears to have been a malicious hack and is an example of issues with the current site.   In case of future issues I will monitor this site,  and use it to send out information as to what to expect.  Feel free to respond either here,  or through messages on the site,  however if the site is down,  I cant access those messages.  If you would like to change your email that I use,  please send me the email and user name,  if you are in contact with anybody that hasnt been active lately,  please give them my email and have them contact me.  
In the event that Mike has to set up a new site and isnt able to use the existing site to spread the word,  this will be the way we get the word out so the more users we can get collected,  the better.
Sorry for the grief.Skol
The intent is to be able to notify everyone of updates regarding the site, via email, if the site goes down again and we need to make changes.

Fire away with any questions.
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Thx for doing this Jimmy, and thanks to Mike for whatever solve he might find...

Who the heck would hack a fan forum website of all places?

Sounds like we need to find a new sturdier ship to sail for the long-haul...

[Image: Return-of-Revolving-Light-Main.jpg]


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